Feng Shui For the Blog

September 25, 2008 at 10:00 am (2008)

With a new season and new (old?) me, I think it’s time for a new design. I think of it as akin to rearranging your living room furniture — every once in awhile, you just need a new perspective.

I’ll be doing some research into getting my own domain and changing over from wordpress.com to wordpress.org for its design capabilities. Right now, I have absolutely no idea how to do this and will probably spend the next few weeks scouring the tutorials and cursing at my computer. Years ago, I had a firm grasp on basic HTML (OMG, I can bold and use italics?!) via freebies like geocities and angelfire, but as with everything else in technology, coding seems to have evolved the way of CSS (CNN? CSI?) with better presentation and sophisticated structure. And I’m at a complete loss. So, if anyone has any advice or expertise or general wisdom that they’re willing to share, I can offer a shoutout or a link back in another post and my eternal gratitude.

In the meantime, I’ve got a post brewing about my recent trip to Toys ‘R Us and the lack of a Barbie aisle (my brothers would be so disappointed to see what happened to their beloved G.I. Joes) that I’ll somehow relate to growing up. Though, honestly, I just wanted to post this picture:

Well, at least she’s wearing cute shoes.



  1. Monica said,

    Toys R Us doesn’t have a Barbie aisle?!?! What do little girls play with?

    I’d be interested to know what you find out about getting your own domain, I’m thinking about doing that myself.

    I know! I was horrified. Apparently, Bratz and High School Musical dolls are the hot sellers. Seeing that makes me want to stomp my foot, cross my arms, and call them a bunch of copy cats.

    I’ll let you know what I find out — right now, I’m seeing varying costs (between $6 and $16) for a domain name, but I’m unsure of the hosting fees and how that coincides with wordpress.org. I’ll do some digging and keep you updated. Thanks!


  2. defygravity84 said,

    I absolutely refuse to buy any future children of mine anything that even remotely resembles Bratz dolls. Here sweetie, have a transvestite to play with! Go make her have sex and smoke cigarettes and drink beer!

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