hey, jack kerouac

I’d been thinking about writing some more short stories — something I hadn’t done since college, whether due to lack of inspiration or just lack of time or both.  I love music, and I especially love it when the lyrics tell a story, so I thought about ways I could challenge myself there, using lyrics as prompts.  Then, when I did a search, I found this from Writer’s Digest:

Write a short story based on your favorite song, using the song’s title as your story’s title and the lyrics for your plot. You can post your response (500 words or fewer) here 

So, maybe I’m not so clever after all.  It’s still a good idea.  I took a peak at the forum, though, and I wanted to shoot myself.  That’ll stop me from ever doing that again.  Now I understand what The Rejecter goes through.

I know I’m not some brilliant writer — trust me, I, before anyone else, will admit to this.  But I also think that I kind of have some talent there and so there’s some hope.  Right? 

Ok, time to stop over-thinking and just write.

I have a few song-story ideas in mind, so I think that this will be a fun challenge for myself.  And who knows, maybe I’ll manage to extract a few gems from the rubble.

Updated Note: Any stories that I post here are first drafts that are often written in anywhere from an hour to an afternoon. So, read at your own risk — I take all of the credit and none of the responsibility.  Also, the stories in this section have turned into a series (blame the characters, not me) but can hopefully stand alone as independent from one another.

 Story Listing

Laundry Daydreams

Gold in the Air of Summer

Bringing Down Dinner

Shadow of the Day

American Pie


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