twenty(orsome)things to do

In my last post I talked about finally taking charge of my life and changing the things which I can control. Right now, there’s very little over which I have control, as I’m forced to leave most of it up to chance or the decisions of others. In these situations, I’ve done all that I can and now have to patiently await a reply.  It’s true that you can’t move forward without direction.  Well, you can, but I’m not sure I’m so willing to do that without some sort of guidepost.

With so much abiguity and dubiety in that part of my life, I need to find other ways to settle myself, to make sure I’m still grounded so that my whole life doesn’t feel like it’s in chaos.  I need to remember my self-worth and appreciation.  In short, I need to learn how to love myself again. 

So, I’m going to take control of the things in my life that can be controlled.  Below is a list of things that I’ve always wanted to do, and now, I’ve decided, is the time to do them.  Now is the time to take chances, to take risks, to have fun. 

Carpe diem.

Without further ado, in absolutely no particular order:


Learn Martial Arts (I’ll be signing up for lessons today)

Go horseback riding (preferably on the beach, but I’ll take what I can get)

Volunteer again at the Humane League, playing with the pooches

Go camping and/or hiking

Have a picnic with a plaid blanket, wicker basket, and take-out chinese food (or sushi)

Lose 20 pounds

Pick wildflowers

Plant a vegetable garden

Watch a movie in the park (Downtown Lancaster)

Visit Josh in Georgia

Eat s’mores and drink beer at a camp fire (I did this once and would love to do it again)

Visit Longwood Gardens

Figure skate again (I really miss this, so once my martial arts lessons are over, I’ll be going back)

Take my dad to a Yankees game

Take my mom to a nice dinner at Romano’s in Brooklyn (I would have said Lundy’s, but was informed that they are closed for the third time…)

Spend an afternoon at an outdoor cafe

Spend a day cooking with my mom

Host dinner parties

Go skinny-dipping (in a secluded location, of course)

Ride a motorcycle (at very low speeds — those cute European scooters would work just as well)

Learn how to ski and snowboard

Ride every roller coaster at an amusement park

Go canoing with my dad and the dogs


Long-Term Goals

Drive cross-country and visit San Francisco (long term: have you seen the gas prices?)

Spend a month in S. France and/or touring Europe

Learn how to scuba dive/ go snorkeling (I snorkeled when I was in St. Maartens — I now have a fondness for flipper fins) 

Go on a cruise


Some will happen sooner than others, I’ve realized, but I want to live my life without regret, and my only regret would be that I didn’t at least take the chance and try.


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