who wears short shorts?

Short Short Stories

Inspiration is a funny, fickle concept. I started the page Hey, Jack Kerouac as a challenge to myself to get creative and start writing again, using song lyrics and titles as prompts for stories in the hopes that it would open up a creative outlet and inspire me to continue with something that has forever been a passion. What began as a single short story in Laundry Daydreams has resulted in a character who has too much to say and much more to experience, opening up a whole new fictional world and, subsequently (and unwittingly), leading to a series.

But as I found out today, there are other characters lurking beneath this surface, wanting their story to be told as well. Because I’m eager to share these and welcome constructive criticism in order to improve my writing, I’ve created another page under which I’ll post these stand-alone stories.

These stories will undoubtedly emerge from flash fiction exercises that utilize prompts and a time limit. I’ll be posting this information at the end of each story for reference.

Thanks for reading, and happy writing!

Story Listing

God and Grief
Perfect Memory


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